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IFEAD is an independent research and information exchange organization working on the future state of Enterprise Architecture.

About the Founder of IFEAD

About the Founder of IFEAD


In 2001, Jaap Schekkerman founded the 'Institute For Enterprise Architecture Developments' (IFEAD) the Netherlands ( or and is today the President and Thought Leader of this research institute. IFEAD is today one of the most important sources of information related to Enterprise Architecture in the world and is working close together with other research organizations, institutes and universities all over the world to create an open and independent platform for Enterprise Architecture research, developments and knowledge exchange.

In 2005, Jaap Schekkerman founded the 'Enterprise Architecture Consulting Services' organisation, an independent Enterprise Architecture Consulting services organisation that can help organisations with implementation, coaching, support, etc. of setting up the Enterprise Architecture function in organisations based on the methods, tools, frameworks and approaches developed by IFEAD.

To practice the research & development activities, Jaap Schekkerman B.Sc. joined CGI the Netherlands as their Thought Leader in Business Technology Strategy, Enterprise Architecture & Security in Industrial Control Systems / Critical Infrastructures.

In 2013, Jaap Schekkerman is appointed as CGI's Global Marketing Director - Cyber Security focusing on cyber security in critical infrastructures.

Jaap Schekkerman is managing IFEAD in parallel with his consulting and opinion leader activities for CGI. Jaap Schekkerman is a world wide well-known guru, consultant, researcher, speaker, advisor and publicist in the areas of Business Technology Stratgey, Enterprise Architecture and Security in Industrial Control systems environments.

Jaap Schekkerman was even so from 2004 - 2006 the Vice-President of the International Association of Enterprise Architects, USA. (

Jaap Schekkerman is working for more then 40 years in the Business, IT & Consultants world in several roles and responsibilities and he has more then 25 years experience in the areas of Business Technology Strategy and Enterprise Architecture and 15 years in security in indutrial environments.

He has coached and managed complex and large enterprise architecture programs in the Defence world, the Governmental area, Health Care environment, Utility Markets, Travel Industry, Oil & Gas and High Tech Industry.

Jaap Schekkerman is giving lectures on the topics of Information Management & Enterprise Architecture at Universities and Higher Professional Education institutes.

Publications of Jaap Schekkerman

Jaap Schekkerman has published several methods, articles and books on topics related to Enterprise Architecture and he is a frequently invited speaker on national and international congresses and symposia and a recognized thought leader in the areas of Business Technology Strategy and Enterprise Architecture.

Jaap Schekkerman received a degree in clinical chemistry and an engineer’s degree in electronic engineering as well he received certificates in information technology and business economics.

If you have a research request or you want to invite Mr. Schekkerman for a presentation or seminar, please feel free to contact him directly.

E-mail: jschekkerman[AT] [AT]=@

From 1973 till 1974, Schekkerman was working as a scientist at the Free University Amsterdam.

From 1974 till 1985, he was the Chief Information Officer at the Red Cross Hospital Beverwijk, the Netherlands.

In 1982, Schekkerman was awarded with the American Ames Award for his international awarded article about the developments in medical information technology and the influence on human beings.

From 1985 till 1995, he was Manager of an IT Research & Development department and Manager of an Information Technology Consulting Group at Centraal Beheer Automation and RAET N.V. the Netherlands.

From 1995 till 2005, Jaap Schekkerman was working as a strategic Business-IT consultant for Capgemini and became Capgemini’s international Thought Leader in Business Technology Strategy & Enterprise Architecture, where he was practicing his knowledge, experience and research in several roles and responsibilities with customers like Philips, World of TUI, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Justice, NUON, etc.

In 2001, Schekkerman founded the Institute For Enterprise Architecture Developments, to do independent research and knowledge exchange around topics of Enterprise Portfolio Management and Enterprise Architecture. This institute is today one of the most important EA & EPM sources of information in the world.

From 2005 till 2008, Jaap Schekkerman was the Opinion Leader in the areas of Business Technology Strategy & Enterprise Architecture at Verdonck, Klooster & Associates, the Netherlands.

In 2008, Schekkerman was invited to join the management consulting team of CGI Consulting (former Logica) on a part-time base where he is acting as their Thought Leader in Enterprise Architecture Management, Services Orientation, Cloud and Secure ICS environments. Besides his activities for CGI Consulting, Mr. Schekkerman is still the President & Thought Leader of the Institute For Enterprie Architecture Developments.

In 2013, Schekkerman is appointed as CGI's Director Global Cyber Security specialized in Critical Infrastructure Protection.

For his most recent publications, see the EA Publications link on this page.

Professional Activities

  • Founder & President of the ’Institute For Enterprise Architecture Developments’, an independent research organisation.
  • Founder of the 'Enterprise Architecture Consulting Services' organisation.
  • Member of the Board of Trustee, Center for the Advancement of the Enterprise Architecture Profession, USA.
  • Lecturer at the Delft TopTech program, Technical University Delft, Netherlands.
  • Advisory Board member, Federated Enterprise Architecture Certification Institute, USA.
  • Member of the ’USA-ManyWorlds’ knowledge network of international Thought Leaders.
  • Member of the USA ‘Institute for Defense and Government Advancement’.
  • Member of the World Wide Institute of Software Architects (WWISA) USA.

Extended Enterprise Architecture Framework / E2AF & Extended Enterprise Architecture Maturity Model / E2AMM are Service Marks (SM) registered by IFEAD