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IFEAD is an independent research and information exchange organization working on the future state of Enterprise Architecture.

Enterprise Architecture Tools


Enterprise Architecture Tools Overview

Enterprise Architectures are an emerging approach for capturing complex knowledge about organizations and technology. Enterprise Architectural approaches range from broad, enterprise focused approaches, through to approaches aimed at specific domains.

The focus of enterprise architecture efforts is now shifting to become more holistic, thereby necessitating the use of comprehensive modeling tools to analyze and optimize the portfolio of business strategies, organizational structures, business processes / tasks and activities, information flows, applications, and technology infrastructure.

Important to adoption of an enterprise architectural approach is the availability of tools to support the development, storage, presentation and enhancement of enterprise architecture representations. As with enterprise architecture methodologies, enterprise architecture tools to support the architectural development process are still emerging.

High value is derived from consolidating this portfolio of business artifacts into a single repository in a standardized manner to support enterprise analysis and optimization.

Update Enterprise Architecture Tool Selection Guide version 6.3 2011

Version 6.3 of the Enterprise Architecture Tool Selection Guide have some enhancements to the content and some corrections to the references in this document.

In this guide there is an updated overview of current EA tool suppliers. A new column is added about support of Governance, Risk and Compliancy. Even so the Soluton Architecture column and SOA is combined, a new colum is added with all the references to suppliers websites. Based on research from Gartner 2010 and Forrester 2011, the leading vendors, challangers, visionaires and nice players are marked with colors. So this vendor and tools overview is now covering the most important areas of architecture work.

The new Enterprise Architecture Tool Selection Guide version 6.3, 2011 can help you defining your organization specific architecture tool selection requirements and criteria.


New Enterprise Architecture Tools Overview - October 2011

Enterprise Architecture Management

Managing Complexity. Implementing Standards. Adding Value!

Enterprise architecture management is essential to describe complex IT systems and to develop standards that enable business competitiveness and flexibility. The Enterprise Architecture Management Module in planningIT helps enterprise architects to see, analyze, control and align the IT landscape with the business to guide competitive transformation.

alfabet software is the key to understand and manage the dependencies between strategic business targets, the IT project portfolio, the concerned elements of the business architecture as well as the expected strategic and monetary effects on IT's effectiveness in supporting the company's business processes.

With alfabet, all architects, planners, and decision makers take great advantages from a shared language and cross-divisionally linked information management processes supported by a software platform that is designed for large deployments.

With the new Generations, you will be able to organize your Strategic IT Management processes and, in particular, the collaboration of your teams, thus significantly increasing performance. The newly integrated groupware functionalities allow you to localize and, even more importantly, to utilize potentials for efficiency in your management processes.


ABACUS® is a powerful tool for modelling, understanding, and analysing complex enterprises across people, process and technology. Using world leading, patented technology, ABACUS® analyses the trade-offs between multiple architectures and helps enterprises achieve the optimal roadmap prior to investment.

ABACUS® is a flexible modelling tool that predicts the benefits, effectiveness and cost of alternative strategies. This is achieved through:
Analysing an enterprise using metrics such as total cost of ownership, performance and reliability, and performing sophisticated trade-off analysis for guided decision making;
Uniting various levels of a complex enterprise into an integrated, hierarchical, single point of truth; and
The communication of an enterprise model and analysis using graphs, two dimensional pictures and advanced three dimensional visualisations.

The ABACUS® Enterprise Edition provides the ability for any number of users to concurrently collaborate on any number of shared repositories. Built on top of a modern and freely available Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) approach (i.e. Subversion), ABACUS® Enterprise Edition allows for truly distributed collaboration and avoids the 'lock-and-block' and 'live-connect' issues typical of other RDBMS solutions.

ABACUS' collaborative solution has been demonstrated through thousands of deployments to scale to thousands of clients sharing a geographically distributed repository. Furthermore, because Enterprise Edition works in a truly collaborative mode whereby users only need to connect to the enterprise server to synchronise their local copy with the server repository (resolving any conflicts as they occur), users don't need to be always connected to the server, i.e. working 'offline' for the majority of the time. Not only does this encourage flexible working and minimise network traffic, there are no physical or performance limitations on the number of user clients that can work collaboratively with ABACUS.

ABACUS Enterprise Edition is a revolutionary approach to collaboration and unlike anything that has ever been implemented in this space before. It is true collaboration, not 'lock-and-block' and 'live connect' like all the other tools.

BiZZdesign Architect

BiZZdesign offers complete and integrated solutions to design and improve your business: effective, proven and to-the-point. These integrated solutions consist of proven and easy to use tools, best practice models and methods, training and business consultancy.

Take a look at our website, and contact us if you have any questions. You can also visit our Dutch website.

The BiZZdesign service lines are:

enterprise architecture management
business requirements management
business process design and improvement
business process management
structured implementation and governance
Numerous customers worldwide use the BiZZdesign tools. BiZZdesign consultants advise and train leading corporations and public authorities on all these service lines. BiZZdesign has a proven international track record with successful customers and effective solutions.

BiZZdesign continuously strives to deliver high added value to our customers. This added value is being created and delivered by highly skilled professionals with passion for business design and effective solutions.

Casewise Corporate Modeler

Corporate Modeler enables business and IT people to capture, analyze, simulate and optimize 'end-to-end' business processes and supporting systems to reach strategic goals.

Corporate Modeler 10 ensures a common understanding of the 'as-is' and 'to-be' situations amongst your team, your managers and your business partners. It also enables you to experiment with 'what-if?' scenarios to formulate the best business and IT decisions.

By linking organizational, process and technology modeling together through a central repository, Corporate Modeler provides a holistic view of the enterprise. A view that enables users to eliminate business process inefficiencies, roll-out best practice processes and create systems that truly enhance the organization.

“[Casewise] has the technical sophistication to improve the product as the market changes. Their strong relationships with consultants will undoubtedly provide strength and special insight into the changes needed to survive and prosper.” On Corporate Modeler’s key features they comment… “Corporate Modeler 10.0 has a powerful object repository, and its diagrams are well integrated with the repository. “Creating and modifying diagrams is easy. An analyst can easily tailor diagrams to display them as he or she wishes. “Corporate Publisher makes it easy to generate reports that document your models and the information associated with specific objects. “The simulation facility is easy to use and facilitates checks on the efficient flow and cost of new process designs.


Dragon1 Enterprise Architecture Tool

"Dragon1 is an online EA Tool in the form of a SaaS enterprise collaboration platform. Online world wide teams create static, interactive and animated enterprise architecture products for strategic decision making. The products are integrated and aligned because the Data and Information comes from one Single Source of Truth. Dragon1 is used at strategic level, bridging the gap between Enterprise Strategy (goals, starting points) and Business Transformation (programs and projects) via Enterprise Architecture (concepts design and architecture principles) thus increasing Enterprise Performance. A new feature in Dragon1 is Operational Intelligence to monitor and manage excellence. The visual EA products are highly communicative because employees and managers can give feedback online using the Dragon1 Content Viewer. Dragon1 is certified as ArchiMate Tool by The Open Group. Other frameworks and standards like TOGAF, Cobit and BPMN can also be used on Dragon1."


IBM Rational System Architect

IBM® Rational® System Architect® enables organizations to plan, control, streamline -- and innovate. Drive better-informed decisions and deliver innovation your customers demand with enterprise architecture solutions from IBM.

IT planning and optimization - Build an effective IT portfolio by identifying areas for consolidation and reuse and unlocking operational budgets required to fund innovation. Maintaining business efficiency - Execute business transformation that helps eliminate organizational waste, resulting in increased productivity. Service architecture management - Construct effective solutions out of enterprise and business elements that may create new or updated elements that can be used in future projects. More-effective management of systems of systems - Evaluate architectures across multiple systems, perform capability analysis planning and help maximize funding.


Metastorm develops and delivers a business transformation platform designed to support your complex business requirements. Metastorm alone combines the capabilities of enterprise architecture and IT planning, business process analysis, business process management and managed file transfer into an integrated software suite, enabling organizations to drive greater improvements at a greater velocity than any other vendor providing an offering in one of these areas. Together with the OpenText ECM Suite, the combined software portfolio provides customers with the most comprehensive business transformation platform offered on the market – aligning the strategy and goals that drive the business, to the day-to-day systems, processes and people that run it, with the content needed to make the best business decisions.


Troux provides a set of purposed, packaged applications built on a highly scalable software platform along with a best of breed modeling tool that delivers significant business value from Business Technology Management and Enterprise Architecture. Troux’s customer list is a who’s who of the Global 2000 with successful deployments ranging from small EA teams to ones with more than 10,000 regular users.

The Troux suite delivers powerful analytic, collaboration, modeling, and information management capabilities through a simple role-based web user interface and modeling tools. It is designed to fit neatly into existing enterprise infrastructures and processes. Sophisticated information exchange capabilities enable it to plug directly into most common PPM, CMDB, Asset Management and ERP systems. This also enables tight integration with IT management processes such as COBIT and ITIL. The suite is also highly configurable and enables high levels role based and security configuration as well as the ability to tune the product to the maturity of the organization.

Organizations use Troux’s unique ability to unravel ‘cross-enterprise complexity’ to immediately address business/IT alignment and investment issues, plugging critical management information gaps in as little as 30 days. Purposed ‘Rapid Answers’ solutions enable business and IT teams to gain urgent and disruptive insights for priority initiatives such as M&A Consolidation, Demerger, Application Portfolio Optimization, Cloud Transformation, Mobility, Business/IT Roadmapping, Information Risk Management and Investment Planning. For organizations on a path to maturing the way they run IT as a business, Troux also provides a suite of integrated applications and maturity-based programs, making the adoption and automation of EA programs easier across the enterprise.

Troux also provides a Troux for TOGAF solution that equips enterprise architects with the capabilities to rapidly develop, cost, and review current and future state models for scenario analysis using The Open Group’s TOGAF 9 framework. With out-of-the-box architecture templates, architects can create multiple future states and can compare various future state scenarios for architectural differences, as well as cost and value between scenarios.

Troux is available as on premise or as an on demand SaaS offering with pricing options to meet the needs and constraints of almost any team.

ARIS Platform

ARIS Platform - Easy, Smart & Powerful

The result of one of the biggest development projects of IDS Scheer AG - the new ARIS Platform - is available in German, English, French, Spanish, and Japanese.
By developing the new Tools ARIS Business Architect and ARIS Business Designer, the ARIS Platform has been designed in response to customer needs that have developed over the years. This includes rigorous development of the ARIS Web strategy.

Your Advantages

  • Usability - Easy and smart process design
  • Availability - Permanent and everywhere available
  • Administration - Decentral user and database administration
  • Scalability - Web-based State-of-the-art technology


MEGA Product Overview

MEGA is a global suite of products dedicated to increasing your company's performance through the use of business modeling and monitoring tools. The MEGA products are a solid cornerstone for any Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management, Enterprise Risk Management, or Corporate Compliance initiative.

You can't change what you can't see. Enterprise modeling techniques ensure visibility and understanding of your business operations and IT systems as well as associated risks. Dedicated tools provide the ability to share this information with all stakeholders in your organization.

To understand, share, monitor, and optimize your operations and IT systems, MEGA includes different components. All of them are built on and share the same repository database. Thus they can be used independently or together, depending on your project requirements.

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

"Enterprise Architect is a flexible, complete and powerful UML modeling tool for the Windows platform. Providing the competitive edge for system development, project management and business analysis; an object oriented CASE tool for the full development life-cycle - at a sensible price."

Extended Enterprise Architecture Framework / E2AF & Extended Enterprise Architecture Maturity Model / E2AM are Service Marks (SM) registered by IFEAD